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Everything you need to

distribute & upload music online

Sell your music online,

keep 100% of your royalties

Our mission is clear: to empower you as an independent artist. The tools we offer will help you sell music online in your own terms.

Any operational process related to selling your music on the internet can be tedious and complex. We’ve made sure Distromono makes this journey as intuitive, simple, and fast as possible.

Control your releases’ performance, see how they are being listened in the different platforms, manage your own accounting and collaborate freely.

Time is money, and neither should be wasted. As soon as you sign up, you’ll have access to all features required to start selling your music on top streaming platforms.

Release your music

wherever, whenever

Upload your music to release your songs or whole albums on major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tik Tok, Amazon Music, and more.

It gets better. You can schedule your next releases for any time of the day or week. If you encounter any problems our support team is here to offer effective and speedy solutions.

Everything you will find in Distromono is created for artists. And we simplified the process to have everything at your disposal with one account.

Without a doubt, Distromono is designed for you and responds to the growing need of independent artists to release music hassle-free.

Promote your music online,

your fans are waiting

Our main music promotion services include our MonoBlog, Help Center, and a weekly Newsletter so you can master every stage of promoting your music online.

Promoting songs is always a complex process in a world with so much music. Our next steps are focused on giving you more tools to be found and to thrive with the perfect fanbase.

We’re building a promotion site consisting of a submission platform where we’ll invite the most relevant independent playlisters along with our own Indiemono catalog. Stay tuned. 

A distribution platform built for artists by music lovers

Distromono is an accessible and non-exclusive service platform where you can distribute and upload your music online in an easy, trustworthy, and affordable way. We are here to democratize the music industry further and make it more profitable for you to invest in your artistic career.

Why sell your music

with Distromono

Immediate Full Access

It takes one click and you’ll have full access to all DIY features, from selling to promoting your music online.

Fast and Intuitive

We’ve made sure that the distribution process is as easy as possible, so you can focus on what truly matters: your music.

Keep being independent

There’s a reason why most indie artists are distributing their own songs. Let music be the only thing you have to depend on.

Opt Into Organic Promotion

One of the great things about Distromono is that it’s backed up by a team of professional playlisters. This means that your songs could feature in our well renowned lists.

DIY Support

We are true fans of anything that resonates “independence”. From creating your own music to managing your profits, we offer the necessary tools and guidance so you only need to depend on your talent.

Join a Community

You love independence but we are sure you also love to be part of a community of artists. Find inspiration, future collaborators, and support in our Distromono community.

Be considered for playlists and upstreams with a direct link to our talent scouting.

We’re always looking for talent to hatch! If your music sounds like something we can work on, we’ll get in touch for future collaboration.

Give your music a
global reach

Distribute your music to the biggest DSPs, including TikTok and Instagram. Let your music speak directly to your fanbase.

+ and way more DSPs and platforms

Spotify, Amazon, Youtube Music, Apple Music, TikTok, Instagram Stories (Facebook), Tidal, Deezer, Shazam, Tencent (QQ Music, Kugou, Kuwo), iTunes, Pretzel, Pandora, Audiomack, AWA (Japan), Anghami, Boomplay (Africa), ClaroMusica, iHeart Radio, JioSaavn (India), JOOX, KKBOX, Medianet/Audible, Mixcloud, Napster, Netease (China), Qobuz, Slacker Radio, Triller. +New DSPs will be added as we partner with them.


Help Center

How much does Distromono cost?

We’ve made it very easy. Distromono costs 20€/year. This is because it follows a fee-based subscription model covering 1 Account (Artist) for an unlimited amount of releases. Learn more about what this plan offers in our Pricing section.

Is Distromono safe to use?

Yes. A thousand times, yes. Take into account that it relies on Wise, an internationally renowned and trusted money transfer provider.

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Does my subscription renew automatically?

Yes. So you need to make sure that your payment information is correct and up to date as we won’t be sending you a reminder. However, as Distromono offers an annual subscription, you know you won’t have to worry about payment for a year.

When and how do I get paid?

When? As soon as we receive it. Take into account that royalties take 3 months to be processed, since the end of the month sales. How? well, as the account holder you can make withdrawals as long as it’s over a minimum threshold of $10.

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Can I contact Distromono directly?

Of course! In fact, we’ve made it easy so you don’t have to leave the platform. Once you have your account, you can reach our support team via Account > Contact Us. Our Distrobot is also there to help solve any commercial questions or doubts.


From the best live music shows to any art form you can think of, get ready to be inspired.

We’ll walk you through every step of the distribution process, from uploading to selling.

From heart-to-hearts to music legends’ reviews, keep growing through other artists’ experience.

It’s not just about being an artist, it’s about building a life that will make this possible.

Everything you need to know on how to sell, release, and promote music online

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Visit our FAQ or Contact the Distromono team and we'll be happy to help you out.