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Table of Contents

Alt-Pop: Sonic Innovation Meets Indie Spirit

In the colorful spectrum of indie music, one genre stands out for its captivating blend of alternative sensibilities and pop accessibility: alt-pop. Rooted in a desire to challenge musical conventions and defy genre boundaries, alt-pop has emerged as a dynamic force within the indie music scene, captivating listeners with its infectious melodies, lush production, and thought-provoking lyrics.

Last week we explored the indie pop scene. This week, we explore the vibrant world of alt-pop, its origins, main features, and the 5 indie artists at the forefront.

What is Alt-Pop?

Nope, it’s not a shortcut. Alt-pop is short for alternative pop and represents a fusion of diverse influences and styles that defy easy categorization. At its core, alt-pop combines pop’s catchy hooks and melodies with alternative experimental ethos and artistic depth. This results in a genre that is both relatable and innovative; better said, that is as popular as it is loyal to artistic integrity.

Unlike mainstream pop, which often prioritizes mass appeal and commercial success, alt-pop embraces experimentation and authenticity. Alt-pop artists happily challenge conventions, avoid typical song structures and predictable melodies, and embrace bold sonic exploration and introspective lyricism.

The result? A dynamic genre that’s constantly evolving to invite listeners on a journey of discovery.

5 Alt-Pop Indie Artists

Characterized by a willingness to defy expectations and challenge the status quo, these artists draw inspiration from different genres and styles, including electronic, folk, punk, and hip-hop. This eclecticism allows them to bring a unique voice and perspective to the forefront.

Let’s see how these 5 alt-pop artists celebrate their individuality and artistic freedom.

100 gecs

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, 100 gecs, formed by Dylan Brady and Laura Les, have become synonymous with the alt-pop movement.

Their debut album, 1000 gecs (2019) sent shockwaves through the music world with its frenetic energy and genre-bending experimentation. Tracks like “Money Machine” and “Hand Crushed by a Mallet” blend pop, punk, and electronic music, creating a sonic collage that is as infectious as unconventional.

In 2023 they upgraded to 10,000 gecs, their latest album including tracks like “Hollywood Baby” and “Dumbest Girl Alive.” This July 19th they’re set to perform at the renowned Pitchfork Music Festival held in Chicago every year. If you want to keep full track of 100 gecs, we suggest you follow them via their website, IG, and Tiktok.


The true beginning of underscores traces back to their 2018 project, skin purifying treatment. This eight-track album showcased a fusion of jazz and contemporary experimental electronic elements, resulting in a unique and innovative sonic landscape.

In March 2021, their eagerly awaited debut album, fishmonger shocked listeners as a fusion of diverse genres such as indie rock, emo, bedroom pop, and ambient music.

Their latest album, Wallsocket featured previously released songs such as “Cops and robbers,” “You don’t even know who I am,” plus the new single “Locals (Girls like us),” proving a significant stylistic contrast with later singles.


Originating from North Carolina, glaive is a dynamic force in the indie music realm, captivating listeners with his unique blend of alt-pop and emo influences.

His debut EP, cypress grove (2020), introduced audiences to his introspective lyricism and infectious melodies. The following year he released various singles, including “cloak n dagger,” a collaboration with ericdoa (up next), “fuck this town,” as well as another EP all dogs go to heaven. glaive’s ability to seamlessly blend genres, creating a nostalgic and forward-thinking sound, has become undeniable.

This year, he released another EP, a bit of a mad one (2024) which has garnered widespread acclaim for his raw honesty and vulnerability that shines through each track.

His electrifying stage presence and undeniable talent are something to watch out for, so we recommend following his releases and updates via website, IG, and TikTok.


ericdoa is a rising star in the indie music scene, known for his genre-defying sound and live performances. His debut album, COA (2020), introduced listeners to his eclectic blend of pop, rap, and hyperpop influences. Tracks like “thingsudo2me” and “2008” showcase his dynamic range as a vocalist and producer, earning him praise for his music.

In 2021, he collaborated with fellow artist glaive on various singles and a whole EP, then i’ll be happy (2021) which further solidified his reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the indie music landscape, helping him tailor a sound that’s based on fearless experimentation and boundary-pushing creativity.

This year, he released another album, DOA (2024), which includes hits like “dancinwithsomebawdy,” “kickstand,” and “lastjune.” Check out his website, IG, and TikTok for the next release.


Alden Gardner Robinson, known by his stage name aldn, has already made a huge impact in the alt-pop scene at age 21. At the even younger age of 11, he discovered his passion for music production and recording; since then, he’s crafted a diverse array of tracks characterized by their versatility, unique sounds, and remarkable instrumentals.

In July 2021, aldn unveiled his debut album, greenhouse, marking a significant milestone in his burgeoning career; however, his debut single “glittr” (2020) stood out as a marvel, including staccato synth beats and autotune. Flash forward to 2024, he hit back with another single “2016.”

As a singer and record producer, he pushes boundaries and captivates audiences with a truly innovative approach; proof of this is the number of followers he’s gained on Spotify, IG, and TikTok.

The Future of Alt-Pop

As the indie music scene continues to evolve, alt-pop stands poised to lead the way forward, inspiring a new generation of artists to embrace experimentation and individuality.

With its infectious melodies, lush production, and introspective lyricism, alt-pop offers a rich tapestry of sounds and styles that captivates the imagination and stirs the soul.

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