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Table of Contents

Indie Goes Pop With These Indie Pop and Experimental Artists

In today’s eclectic musical landscape, the boundaries between genres are not just blurring, they’re disintegrating. Nowhere is this more evident than in the indie music scene, where artists are increasingly adopting pop sensibilities to craft sounds that are both innovative and universally appealing.

This blog post explores why we’re utterly obsessed with these indie pop and experimental artists and how they are reshaping the music industry.

The Indie-Pop Phenomenon

The indie music scene has always been a hotbed for creative freedom and artistic integrity. However, over the past decade, we’ve witnessed a seismic shift in how indie artists approach their craft. More and more, these musicians are incorporating pop elements—catchy hooks, polished production, mainstream appeal—into their work, resulting in a genre that we like to call indie pop.

This shift is not just about broadening their audience, it’s also about exploring the musical possibilities that emerge when indie sensibility meets pop accessibility.

Artists like Tame Impala, Lana Del Rey, and The 1975 have led the charge, proving that you can maintain your artistic integrity while also achieving commercial success.

Why do we love Indie Pop?

There are probably a thousand reasons, but we didn’t have enough space. Here are the main reasons you might agree with.

Authentic and Enjoyable

One of the primary reasons we’re obsessed with indie pop is the unique blend of authenticity and accessibility. These artists manage to convey deep, reflective, and challenging themes through undeniably catchy and approachable music.

This fusion allows listeners to engage with complex emotions and ideas in a way that feels both profound and enjoyable, bridging the gap between serious art and pop culture.

Innovative and Fresh

Indie pop artists are known for their willingness to experiment with sound. From the dreamy, psychedelic layers of Beach House to the electronic pulses of Sylvan Esso, these musicians use innovative production techniques to create distinctive soundscapes.

This constant innovation keeps the genre fresh and exciting, attracting eager listeners for something new and different.

Relevant and Relatable

The themes explored in indie pop often resonate deeply with contemporary cultural and social issues. Whether it’s Mitski’s raw exploration of identity and belonging or Childish Gambino’s poignant commentary on race and violence in America, these artists use the platform of pop to engage with topics that matter to a modern audience.

Their music becomes a mirror reflecting the complexities of the world around us, making it both relevant and relatable.

Visual and Aesthetic Appeal

Indie pop isn’t just about sound; it’s also a visual and aesthetic experience. Artists like Florence + The Machine and St. Vincent are not only musicians but also style icons, each with a distinct visual aesthetic that complements their music.

The attention to imagery and style in videos, album covers, and live performances makes the genre a holistic art form, appealing to our love for beauty and spectacle.

The Emotional Connection

Perhaps the most compelling reason for our obsession with indie pop is the emotional connection that it fosters. The music’s introspective lyrics and lush soundscapes invite listeners to connect personally, offering a soundtrack to their joys, sorrows, and everything in between.

5 Emerging Indie Pop Artists and Bands

The indie pop scene is continually rejuvenated by fresh talent that brings new energy and perspectives to the genre. Here are five emerging indie pop artists and bands who are making waves with their unique sounds and innovative approaches to music:


Clairo, born Claire Cottrill, is an American singer-songwriter and musician. She first gained significant attention in 2017 with “Pretty Girl,” which went viral on YouTube. The song showcased her soft, intimate vocal style and DIY aesthetic, capturing the attention of millions of viewers. Her songs are a perfect blend of alterative and bedroom pop exploring themes such as youth, love, and the challenges of growing up.

After the success of her first release came her debut EP diary 001 (2018), which featured other popular tracks like “Flamin’ Hot Cheetos” and “4EVER.”

In 2019 she released her debut album Immunity which marked a step forward in her musical career, featuring a more polished production and exploring deeper emotional and personal territories. Songs like “Bags” and “Sofia“; you can listen to a new version of “Bags” in her latest contribution, Live at Electric Lady (2023).

Clairo’s music is known for its authenticity and emotional transparency, resonating with a wide audience, particularly among younger listeners. Her ability to convey vulnerability and relatability through her music has established her as a prominent voice in the indie music scene.


Born Bea Kristi, beabadoobee started by gaining attention with her bedroom pop songs. She has since honed a style that mixes 90s indie rock with dreamy pop elements. Tracks like “Glue Song” or “death bed (coffee for your head)” have solidified her status as a rising star.

Her recent works like “It’s Only a Paper Moon” dive deeper into lush, grunge-inflected soundscapes, appealing to listeners of both old-school indie and modern pop.


From New Zealand, Benee (Stella Bennett) exploded onto the indie pop scene with the viral hit “Supalonely,” which became a soundtrack of sorts during the global lockdown.

Her music combines quirky lyrics, catchy pop hooks, and funky and eclectic beats. Her EPs and debut album usually explore different aspects of pop, maintaining a playful yet reflective tone that resonates with a broad audience.

girl in red

Marie Ulven, known professionally as girl in red, is a Norwegian singer-songwriter who has captured the hearts of the indie community worldwide.

Her music, often categorized under bedroom pop, touches upon themes of romance and mental health through a queer lens. She released her first song in 2018, “i wanna be your girlfriend,” followed by a series of successful EPs and Albums, including this year’s with a same-titled track “DOING IT AGAIN BABY“.

Her songs blend catchy melodies with raw, honest lyrics, making her a key voice for young, introspective listeners navigating love and life.


Dayglow (Sloan Struble) is an American singer-songwriter and producer who embodies the DIY spirit of indie pop. His music radiates positivity, with vibrant melodies and infectious rhythms.

Dayglow’s debut album, Fuzzybrain, features hits like “Can I Call You Tonight?” which evidence his ability to write feel-good music that’s both reflective and uplifting. His latest release, “Every Little Thing I Say I Do,” is one step further in making listeners “self-reflect and become nicer” (DORK Magaize, 2024).

His sound is reminiscent of 80s synth-pop mixed with modern indie, creating tunes that are nostalgic yet fresh.

Indie Goes Pop: Final Thoughts

The indie-pop phenomenon is more than just a trend; it’s a reflection of how the music industry is evolving. As artists continue to break down genre barriers and experiment with new sounds and ideas, we can expect music to become increasingly rich and diverse.

Our obsession with indie pop speaks to our desire for music that challenges, comforts, and excites; especially when it refuses to fit neatly into a box. In a divided and disconnected world, indie pop reminds us that great things emerge when different ideas, sounds, and backgrounds come together.

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