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Can I add a YouTube Content ID to my songs?

Can I add a YouTube Content ID to my songs?

Yes, it’s easy! Opt-in to YouTube Content ID when uploading your song to Distromono or do it later. This will help your release be identified whenever it appears in a YouTube video. Check out this [tutorial video about Youtube Content ID](https://youtu.be/9g2U12SsRns) to learn more.

What is YouTube Content ID?

Well, we’re big fans of recycling. And what better way of explaining this concept than by the creators themselves (sly, right?). Here’s a short (https://youtu.be/9g2U12SsRns)

Why do I need a YouTube Content ID?

OK, we hope the video would have sparked something in you, but we’ll provide what we think are the main reasons to opt-in to YouTube Content ID:

– Credit your music the way it deserves and, therefore, gain recognition.
– Monetize.

Do we need to go on? It’s only by claiming a YouTube Content ID that you’ll be able to monetize your music when it’s viewed.