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What does each Distromono Plan offer?

Distromono currently offers a subscription plan for 20€ / year (1 Account = 1 Artist) with 0% Commission on our side. This plan includes but is not limited to uploading an unlimited amount of songs, collecting earnings from royalty splits, pre-save and landing page creation, daily streaming statistical data, and Automatic ISRC and UPCs.

Your plan allows you to use an account artist that will be present in every song you upload (Primary Artist) and unlimited collaborating artists that can be included as Main or Feature artists.

What is a Primary Artist?

A Primary Artist is your core artist in your Distromono account. It’s a Main Artist that is linked to your account. This means that you will be uploading songs to this artist profile and the platform will allow you to collaborate with other artists without paying extra for your collaborations. This is one of the most differentiating things compared to other DIY platforms – making you expand your account for every collaboration you want to be part of.

What is a Main Artist?

A Main Artist in a song is one of the primary performers of a song. DSPs allow up to 3 Main Artists credited on a song. Main Artists will have their songs featured in their profiles as part of their song journey. This means that platforms like Spotify will treat releases where you are marked as Main Artist as the big thing, and feed your main release timeline with these songs. With Distromono, you can add unlimited Main Artists to your songs. Because we don’t believe we should charge artists for collaborations.

What is a Feature Artist?

You’re a Feature Artist when you are part of a collaboration but it’s not your main song or your part in the creation of the song is secondary. This doesn’t mean you are not important, you should get your credit for that too. A Feature Artist can find the songs they collaborate with in their Appear In or Collaborative sections of the different DSPs. They won’t be added to their main release flow panel, but they will be credited and directly linked to them seamlessly. It’s also free to add as many Feature Artists as you want through the Distromono song distribution process.

Summing Up

Your account is linked to a Primary Artist once you configure your first release. After adding your Primary Artist, you will be able to add as many Main or Feature Artists as you like. You don’t have to pay for more Primary Artists to collaborate with others as long as your account artist is part of the song and added in the first step.