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How can I edit my Artist Profile on DSPs?

Wouldn’t it be great if all were managed in one click? Although managing your Artist Profile is somewhat similar in most DSPs, we’ve briefly summarized the key steps to make the necessary changes on each.

How to Edit Your Artist Profile on the Main DSPs

As intuitive as the platforms themselves are, we thought it couldn’t hurt to provide you with the necessary resources to learn about editing your Artist Profile on the main DPSs: Spotify for Artists, Apple Music for Artists, Deezer for Creators, Amazon Music for Artists, and TIDAL for Artists.

Edit Artist Profile on Spotify for Artists

Spotify offers two short and highly visual Youtube videos on How to Change Your Artist Image and How to Update Your Bio.

We promise it’s as easy as it looks!

Edit Artist Profile on Apple Music for Artists

Apple also offers guidance on how to Manage Your Artist Content and Profile.

Edit Artist Profile on Deezer for Creators

Deezer provides a whole article on How to change your profile picture for iOS, Android, and Desktop versions.

Edit Artist Profile on Amazon Music for Artists

Here you can only update the photo since this platform currently doesn’t support artist bios. Your profile photo can also be changed through the App or Website.

Since the FAQs section in Amazon Music may not be as intuitive as the rest, we’ve summarised the main steps to follow here.

Amazon Music for Artists: App

1. Select the Artist Profile you want to make changes to.

2. Click on the profile icon, on the bottom right.

3. Under “Profile & Tools”, you can edit both “Profile Photo” and “Background Image”.

4. Select the image you want to use and resize accordingly. Once you’re done, don’t forget to “Save”.

Amazon Music for Artists: Desktop

1. Select the Artist Profile you want to make changes to.

2. Head over to “Artist Tools”, to the left, and select “Profile & Tools”.

3. Under “Profile Details” you can edit your “Profile Photo” and “Background Image”.

4. Select the image you want to use and resize accordingly. Once you’re done, don’t forget to “Save”.

Edit Artist Profile on TIDAL for Artists

Tidal has created its own support entry for Updating your TIDAL Artist Profile. Access the whole article to read through everything and, in the meantime, you can get started with this short clip:

We’ve given you the main DSPs but if you have issues updating your Artist Profile on any of the streaming services, please reach out to us by heading over to Account > Contact Us and we’ll try to get back to you asap!