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How long does it take to distribute music?

The duration of music distribution will depend on how quickly the DSPs confirm and accept your song for stores. Our recommendation is to plan your releases within at least two weeks to also have the chance to pitch to stores (such as Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists).

How long does it take to distribute music?

If you’re thinking about planning your release, technically speaking, you can release a song within a week. In practice, there are stores that take longer to process a song, so 10 days should be your minimum to be absolutely sure of a complete appearance in all of our stores.

How long does it take to distribute a release with Distromono?

After you start the process of distribution, it takes around 48h (working days) to complete it. Then, your release will be in one of the following stages:


Your release will show as “Incomplete” if you haven’t entered all the necessary info or failed to hit the Submit button.


As soon as you hit Submit the status will show as “Pending”. Our team will review the information and, if everything is correct, approve it so it can move on to the next phase.


This state indicates that your song is being released on all platforms.


If this status shows on your dashboard, it means that the distribution process has been completed.


This will show next to any releases that you have removed from streaming platforms.

If you happen to encounter any issues during the distribution process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via Account > Contact Us and we’ll get to you shortly!