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What percentage of my earnings goes to Distromono?

How is Distromono different from other distributors?

When we receive reports for your earnings, we send them right back to your Distromono account. Your music, your earnings. However, withdrawal of earnings may entail taxes and/or fees from our payment processing platform, Wise.

Wise Withdrawal Fees

If you want to check all related fees to Wise withdrawal fees, head over to their Pricing Page. The location is automatically set, so if you plan to withdraw or send money from a different location, you can change it by clicking on the flag icon, to the upper-right corner. Once you do so, select the type of transaction “Send money”, “Use the Wise debit card”, “Receive and add money” or “Hold money in your account”.

You can then add the amount, and the currency, and it will automatically provide you with the fees applied.

Compared to other money management platforms, we found that Wise has extremely low fees for transfers. In comparison, it’s the most favorable way. As an example, the most famous digital wallet platform earns a 3-4% of a transfer and then another tax for money conversion, which is not very good.