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How will I know if my song was playlisted?

To know if your song was playlisted, go to your Distromono Artist Dashboard to see a wide range of metrics and data to perform your own analyses. You can see your music’s performance and which playlists added them: user, algorithmic, editorial, or independent music curator. Pretty cool!

Note that each streaming platform has developed its own analytics software, often named after the platform + for Artists. They’re all free but we especially recommend you request access to the following.

How to Claim Artist Profile on DSPs

Spotify for Artists

Here’s a short clip by Spotify on How to Get Verified on Spotify.

Apple Music for Artists

Here’s a brief article and tutorial on How to claim your artist page on the web.

Amazon Music for Artists

You’re in luck! We’ve prepared a specific Help article on how to claim your Artist Profile on Amazon Music.

Deezer for Creators

Deezer has published its own Help article on How To Get Access To Deezer For Creators whether you’re an artist, manager, label, provider, or podcast creator.

TIDAL for Artists

Since this has been a fairly new addition to the “for Artists” range, we’ll summarize what you need to do in a few steps.

  1. Go to TIDAL for Artists and enter your email address.
  2. Enter your artist name and select your corresponding profile.

That’s pretty much it. Know that there are other ways to claim your Artist Profile, according to their official FAQ entry on TIDAL Artist Home Enrollment.

Get to it!