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How can I transfer songs from other platforms to Distromono?

Piece o’ cake! To keep all your streaming stats and playlist information you’ll need to make sure you have your audio, video, and ISRCs ready. Don’t worry, we explain everything in detail.

How to transfer songs from other platforms to Distromono

To keep all your streaming stats and playlist information, you first need to make sure that you have

  • Assets. Your audio and video files.
  • ISRCs. The unique track codes from your single or album. If you need help retrieving these check out our help article, Does Distromono provide ISRC?, or reach out to us via Distrobot or Contact Us (Account > Contact Us).

Once your assets are in order, you’ll need to re-upload your release. This is how you can reupload your release to Distromono.

How to re-upload a release to Distromono

Step 1. Create Account.

Create an account with Distromono (if you haven’t done so already!).

Step 2. Create New Release.

Click the “Create New Release” tile in the artist dashboard.

Step 3. Re-release of an existing single/album.

Choose the “Re-release of an existing single/album” option.

Step 4. Enter existing ISRC.

When adding your tracks, select the option to enter your existing ISRC. Ensure you do this for every track. This is how the tracks will link on Spotify and your streaming count will merge across

Step 5. Submit.

Submit your release and we’ll do the rest!

How to switch over a release to Distromono

Step 1. Issue takedown after release is live for 48h.

To ensure your stream counts merge to the Distromono versions, ensure that your new release is delivered and live for 48hrs prior to issuing a takedown with your old distributor.

Step 2. 1 More Release.

If you click on the album page on the Spotify desktop, look for the “1 More Release” icon which indicates that the 2 releases have successfully merged. (Note this can take 48hrs).

Step 3. Send a request to remove the version from other platforms.

When you see this symbol, send a request to your previous distributor to remove their version from all online stores. Here’s how to take down music from the following distributors:

We do not recommend closing your account as there may still be royalties to be paid during the following months.