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Can I upload a cover song to Distromono?

Cover Distribution Policy

As part of our terms of service, the artist must own 100% of their copyright to distribute with us (in other words, you wrote the song, or represent the people who wrote it). If your song is a cover version and you want it to be downloadable in the USA, you must purchase a cover song license (see www.easysonglicensing.com).

We do not support ‘sound-a-likes’. We do not support the release of music with another artist’s samples or remixes (unless it’s a remix of a track you already own 100%). We strictly ban the use of the original artists from the covers you upload without permissions. For example, if you want to add the bass line for Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust’ to your original tune, you would need the permission of Queen’s publisher to release your song (and it wouldn’t come cheap!). Uploading songs with unauthorized 3rd party samples is illegal and will get removed without warning (and potential legal action). It will also ban you forever from Distromono and close your account for good. See our Terms And Conditions for more info.

Although uploading a cover song to Distromono is feasible, we would ask you to strictly comply with our cover distribution policy.
Here’s a step-by-step guide, so we can ensure that this journey is a win-win.

0. Let’s play fair

Before even starting, you should know this. Your song will go through a filter with DSPs that will analyze the track and see if you ripped the audio or vocals of a song. Sound-a-likes and bad practices such as AI and ripped audio/vocals will terminate your account and possibly receive legal action from the original owners. Follow the guidelines just be fair, and make some cool covers with original production and vocals. You can always get a negative response from our verification team, but we analyze everything we receive with care and fairness to the users and original owners of the songs.

Step 1. Choose Cover Version.

When you’re creating the track and choose “Cover Version”, we will ONLY distribute it to digital stores such as Spotify and Apple Music (so not marketplaces like iTunes). After verification and considering you followed the rules mentioned, your song will go through.

Step 2. Purchase License (iTunes or Amazon).

To make your track available for download in iTunes Store or Amazon, you will need a Mechanical License. You can purchase it at EasySongLicensing.

Step 3. Send a copy of the License.

Once purchased, head over to your Distromono Dashboard, go to Account > Contact Us, and send over a copy of your license so we can enable downloads of your track.

Step 4. Original track titles.

DON’T use the original artist’s name in the track title.

And that’s how it’s done.