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When and how do I get paid?

As soon as we receive the amount from DSPs, you’ll get paid. Take into account that royalties take 3 months to be processed, since the end of the month sales. Don’t forget that, as the account holder, you can make withdrawals anytime you want in Distromono, as long as it’s over $10 AUD (Australian Dollar).

When do I get paid for my release?

Streaming platforms send us the money that your music generates up to three months later. For example, let’s say that you released a song on the 2nd of July. From the release day, the song is already active and listened to.

However, due to that three-month delay, you would start to receive money in September. You should also take into account that if your launch has not generated a minimum amount, the transfer cannot be made.

How do I get paid in Distromono?

Our payment process platform is Wise, so as long as your currency is supported, we’re good. These are the currencies supported.

It’s currently one of the most cost-effective transferring procedures which goes straight to your real bank account, following “real” exchange rates. Our currency is AUD (Australian Dollar) and you can see the exchange rate for your local currency in your own dashboard (without fees).

When and how payment is made in Distromono.
Dashboard view on currency conversion in Distromono.

Don’t forget we have a whole Help category on Earnings and Splits, so if you happen to have more doubts, chances are it’s there! If not, you can always ask our friendly Distrobot or contact us directly (Account > Contact Us).