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Earnings and Splits

In the Earnings and Splits category, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions and help articles on selling music through Distromono: using the Sales Dashboard, earnings and splits management, etc.

Can I share my splits with someone outside the platform?

Of course! With Distromono you will be able to share any percentage of your earnings with collaborators that are not registered in the platform. And their accounts are free!

Does Distromono have a minimum payout threshold?

Currently, we have a $10 AUD minimum payout amount. Once you have earned more than $10 you are free to withdraw all or part of your balance.

How frequent are the earning reports generated?

Most streaming services offer the earnings report on a monthly basis with a three-month delay. For example, if you released music in January, your earnings of that month can arrive in April. You should always have an updated streaming activity on your Artist Dashboard monthly. We’d recommend waiting a few days before entering panic mode. Having said that, if you feel that too much time has gone by and you’ve been patient enough, you can always reach out (Account > Contact Us).

How much money do stores pay for streams?

This is the million-dollar question. Each streaming platform has its own monetization model, there is no general rule, and each one is applying its own policy.

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If I delete a track, do I still keep my earnings?

Yup! Until your song stops receiving royalties (which could take 3 months, approx.), you’ll continue to receive earnings from that song even if it’s been removed from a distributor or transferred to another.

If I'm on a split for a song, what percentage do I get?

Just the same way that Distromono account users are in charge of split management, the user responsible for uploading the song will determine this percentage. Make sure that this is clearly stipulated in a contract or agreement before you proceed to upload any material. You will find your split details under the “Earnings Splits” section and “Invites”.

What percentage of my earnings goes to Distromono?

Absolutely nothing. We’ll send you all of the earnings we receive directly into your account.

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When and how do I get paid?

When? As soon as we receive it. Take into account that royalties take 3 months to be processed, since the end of the month sales. How? well, as the account holder you can make withdrawals as long as it’s over a minimum threshold of $10.

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Where can I edit my payout preferences in Distromono?

We offer a connection with Wise to order your withdrawals. It’s pretty straightforward and it takes just a few days (usually 3 to 5 days) for your money to arrive. Wise (formerly Transferwise) is one of the safest options to transfer money, and also one of the fastest. As usual, you can always contact us (Account > Contact Us) if you have any doubts.

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Why are the earnings displayed in both my currency and Australian Dollars (AUD)?

Our technology is Australian! We receive all the money from artists in Australian Dollars and provide Wise as the transfer tech because it’s the most favorable with currency exchange and very very little transfer expenses. We are running from other digital wallet services that take a percentage of a transfer plus a percentage of the currency exchange.

Will my collaborators get their earnings automatically?

That’s right! When you receive your royalties, the collaborators you included will also have a share and receive their corresponding amount. However, for this to happen automatically you need to have previously included their emails and data into your Distromono Dashboard.