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This section includes articles about Distromono. We’ll try to answer all the questions related to who we are and what we aim to offer.

My account

In the My Account category, you’ll find all related answers and articles to your Distromono subscription plan and how to manage your account.

Releasing and DSPs

In the Releasing and DSPs category, we answer all questions related to your music before, during, and after your releases.

Earnings and splits

Our passion for learning and improving every day is probably what drove you here. Here are some of the questions you probably share with other indie artists.

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Getting started

Is Distromono safe to use?

Yes. A thousand times, yes. Take into account that it relies on Wise, an internationally renowned and trusted money transfer provider.

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Can I distribute instrumental music with Distromono?

You can distribute the sound of nature wrapped up in an everlasting euphoria if you wish. I mean, if it’s your music, it’s your life. Now, when it comes to selecting “Language” we recommend that you select one that you, at least, know three words of.

Can I distribute podcasts with Distromono?

No! Sorry. At this time we don’t distribute videos, podcasts, or ringtones.

Can I upload a sound-a-like to Distromono?

That would be a no. DSPs don’t get along with sound-a-likes, cover versions, or tribute songs almost identical to the original. Moreover, anything resembling the artist’s name or brand identity will be rejected. Any practice that misleads the listener’s intention or aim is rejected (and rightly so) by DSPs. And trust us, you don’t want to be that person.

Can I use free samples in my songs?

Of course, there is no problem as long as you make sure that they are free to use and you do not need to pay a license to use them.

My account

Can I choose my label name?

You said it, “my label name”. Of course, this is fully customizable.

Does my subscription renew automatically?

Yes. So you need to make sure that your payment information is correct and up to date as we won’t be sending you a reminder. However, as Distromono offers an annual subscription, you know you won’t have to worry about payment for a year.

How can I cancel my subscription to Distromono?

Really? Ok… Well it hurts, but that’s why we’ve made it quick and painless. Go to Account > Contact Us and select “Other General Questions” from the drop-down menu. You can then enter the sad news in the text (saddest emoji).

How can I change my email address?

Almost as easy as changing your password! Almost. Here, you need to go to Account > Contact Us. Under “How can we help?”, select “Login or Account Issues” from the drop-down menu. Fill out the rest of the info and describe your request in more detail.

How can I change my location?

Go to Account > Contact Us. Under “How can we help?”, select “Other General Questions” from the drop-down menu. Fill out the rest of the info and describe your request in more detail.

Releasing and DSPs

What is the maximum number of tracks for an album?

This is an easy one! The maximum number of tracks for an album is 35 tracks.

Can I access my music and artwork after they’ve been uploaded?

Yes, you can update your files anytime. You simply need to go to Account > Contact Us and select “Change/Edit Release” from the drop-down menu. Use the upload tool in the form to submit the revised ones.

Can I add a YouTube Content ID to my songs?

Yes, it’s easy! Opt-in to YouTube Content ID when uploading your song to Distromono or do it later. This will help your release be identified whenever it appears in a YouTube video. Check out this tutorial video about Youtube Content ID to learn more.

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Can I choose a preview point for my music on Instagram/TikTok?

You can and you should. It’s important that you choose a preview start point. Instagram and TikTok will use that default listening point when one of their users wants to use your music in their posts. Distromono allows you to select your own or leave it up to our algorithm!

Can I edit a song once it’s scheduled for release?

Of course! You can edit your song once it’s scheduled for a future release, including artwork, audio files, as well as the release date itself. IMPORTANT: These changes must be implemented at least 48 hours before the desired release date.

Earnings and splits

Can I share my splits with someone outside the platform?

Of course! With Distromono you will be able to share any percentage of your earnings with collaborators that are not registered in the platform. And their accounts are free!

How frequent are the earning reports generated?

Most streaming services offer the earnings report on a monthly basis with a three-month delay. For example, if you released music in January, your earnings of that month can arrive in April. You should always have an updated streaming activity on your Artist Dashboard monthly. We’d recommend waiting a few days before entering panic mode. Having said that, if you feel that too much time has gone by and you’ve been patient enough, you can always reach out (Account > Contact Us).

If I delete a track, do I still keep my earnings?

Yup! Until your song stops receiving royalties (which could take 3 months, approx.), you’ll continue to receive earnings from that song even if it’s been removed from a distributor or transferred to another.

What percentage of my earnings goes to Distromono?

Absolutely nothing. We’ll send you all of the earnings we receive directly into your account.

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When and how do I get paid?

When? As soon as we receive it. Take into account that royalties take 3 months to be processed, since the end of the month sales. How? well, as the account holder you can make withdrawals as long as it’s over a minimum threshold of $10.

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Will my collaborators get their earnings automatically?

That’s right! When you receive your royalties, the collaborators you included will also have a share and receive their corresponding amount. However, for this to happen automatically you need to have previously included their emails and data into your Distromono Dashboard.

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