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Get unlimited access for a flat-fee subscription. No extras.

A unique and complete DIY account built for the greatest independent artists.

Keep 100% of your earnings

We take 0% commission so all your earnings go to you and your team fully, forever. 

Split-pay accounts are completely free

Invite your band, your team or your family for royalty splits; money receiving accounts are free!

A year subscription and no hidden fees

With our flat-fee model, what you pay is what you get. Why pay for extras when you are getting our best?

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What happens with my songs if I stop paying for Distromono?

Initially, your songs continue to be available on all streaming platforms, they won’t be taken down immediately. I mean, it would be rude. Especially if you’re making money! You’ll first receive up to 3 emails letting you know that your subscription has expired, giving you a chance to renew. You have about 3 months after that to transfer before we take them down.

How can I cancel my subscription to Distromono?

Really? Ok… Well it hurts, but that’s why we’ve made it quick and painless. Go to Account > Contact Us and select “Other General Questions” from the drop-down menu. You can then enter the sad news in the text (saddest emoji).

How can I restore my subscription to Distromono?

Yay! We missed you too. Go to Account > Contact Us and select “Other General Questions” from the drop-down menu. You can then enter the good news in the text (happiest emoji).

What percentage of my earnings goes to Distromono?

Absolutely nothing. We’ll send you all of the earnings we receive directly into your account.

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Will my collaborators get their earnings automatically?

That’s right! When you receive your royalties, the collaborators you included will also have a share and receive their corresponding amount. However, for this to happen automatically you need to have previously included their emails and data into your Distromono Dashboard.