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You’ve shared your release link, your landing page, and are active on TikTok and Instagram. Next promotion step is Priority Listen. The best way to gain organic fans is through independent curator playlists. Why? Because they create their own list of songs according to genre or mood. And Indiemono happens to be just that.

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Will I get a landing page after my release?

Absolutely! Your landing page will be accessible on release day. Go to your Distromono Dashboard where you’ll see the main digital streaming platforms on which it has been released.

Can I add a YouTube Content ID to my songs?

Yes, it’s easy! Opt-in to YouTube Content ID when uploading your song to Distromono or do it later. This will help your release be identified whenever it appears in a YouTube video. Check out this tutorial video about Youtube Content ID to learn more.

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Can I choose a preview point for my music on Instagram/TikTok?

You can and you should. It’s important that you choose a preview start point. Instagram and TikTok will use that default listening point when one of their users wants to use your music in their posts. Distromono allows you to select your own or leave it up to our algorithm!

How can I find my Artist/Album page in DSPs?

We’ll give you the easy answer first: enter your artist name, head over to your artist page, and then simply copy the URL. However, for platforms such as Deezer, you’ll need to create and account before you perform the search.

Does Distromono promote music?

Distromono doesn’t promote music. Our current offer is based on distribution and upload services. However, once you’re in Distromono, you will have access to a set of resources with key tips and best practices to guide you throughout the whole release process: before the release, on the day of release, and after the release. Check out our Monoblog or directly sign up to receive all blog updates!


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