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Being an independent artist doesn’t mean you have to do it yourself; unless it means you can do it better. A Sales Dashboard where you control earnings and split shares, plenty of tools and resources to support you, and everyday payment methods.

Keep 100% of your earnings

DIY distributors allow you to generate royalties per stream. With Distromono, we’ll go a step further and help you understand the whole accounting process: source of earnings, sharings splits with your team, financial performance, etc.

All-in-one platform

You can only manage what you measure. Access all key metrics to keep growing independently.

Royalty Splits

No extra fees lost along the way. You can share earnings directly from our platform.


What you sell, is what you get. You have full access to your data, meaning full control.

Wise and Easy

We’ve partnered wisely. WISE is one of the fastest and most trustworthy international banks.


My song is a cover or uses a sample. Do you take care of the license?

This is something that is fully the responsibility of the artist, so Distromono does not take accountability for permission that should have been requested to proceed with the distribution of the cover or sample. Read our Cover Distribution Policy for more info.

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Can I share my splits with someone outside the platform?

Of course! With Distromono you will be able to share any percentage of your earnings with collaborators that are not registered in the platform. And their accounts are free!

How frequent are the earning reports generated?

Most streaming services offer the earnings report on a monthly basis with a three-month delay. For example, if you released music in January, your earnings of that month can arrive in April. You should always have an updated streaming activity on your Artist Dashboard monthly. We’d recommend waiting a few days before entering panic mode. Having said that, if you feel that too much time has gone by and you’ve been patient enough, you can always reach out (Account > Contact Us).

Why are the earnings displayed in both my currency and Australian Dollars (AUD)?

Our technology is Australian! We receive all the money from artists in Australian Dollars and provide Wise as the transfer tech because it’s the most favorable with currency exchange and very very little transfer expenses. We are running from other digital wallet services that take a percentage of a transfer plus a percentage of the currency exchange.

Can I choose my own prices for my music?

Unfortunately, the digital music streaming model doesn’t allow you to set your own prices, whether you’re using iTunes or any other platform.

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